What is CustomEssayCoupon.com?

This is a website with a known reputation of connecting students to known reputable reviews of essay writing services and research companies. This is done via free discounts and coupon codes. However, the main aim for this is to ensure student benefit from exclusive deals while the companies expand and grow their services.

Is the service completely free of charge?


What is the meaning of featured coupon?

This is what you will notice at the top of all other coupons and it’s meant to signify importance in pricing or popularity. It is always linked to your website with different background or through highlighting. It is always recommended for students seeking services like custom essays or term paper.

FAQ (for students)

In terms of offers what companies post their offers on CustomEssayCoupon.com?

To ensure that student get the best, CustomEssayCoupon.com only allows coupons from essay writing and research companies with proven reputation in the field. They are mostly from United States, United Kingdom and many other countries around the world. They also offer proofreading, academic writing and even editing.

How do you protect students from essay writing scams

Any writing company found engaging in coupon scams on our website or presenting fake offers to students will have their coupons pulled own immediately.

Do I need to have an account with the company to enjoy their services fully?

Any student using our services is guaranteed 100% access to our services without the necessity of having an account with us.

Am I allowed to send any of my favorite coupons to my email account?

Yes. Start by saving the coupon you intend to send, type your email address and the entire coupon details will be send in your email account.

What do I do if one of my saved coupons malfunctions?

This is an extremely rare occurrence but if it happens, start by authenticating the coupon to ensure it’s same as that on CustomEssayCoupon.com. If not, then proceed with reporting the problem by following these steps;

  • Save the coupon.

  • Once saved report it by clicking “@” link.

  • Complete the report form.

  • Your report is delivered to the technical team, who handle your problem with the coupon.

Why do I encounter cases of saved coupons not showing up on the saved coupons page?

Some coupons use different cookies in certain web browsers to be saved, their absence prevent them from being saved. This, however, is not present with CustomEssayCoupon.com as every coupon is saved as per desired web browsers, if needed.