How does good translation help a company?

Depending on the size and ambition of your company, you might have considered going into international waters at some point. While English does represent a lingua franca, not everyone will like the idea of doing business exclusively in English language.

Investing into professional translation early on might seem like a loss on your part, but the benefits often outweigh the costs. What are some of the most important pros that work in your favor should you choose to translate your website and documents into other languages?

Joining the international market

The only way to introduce your lineup of products and services to international customers is to localize it into their languages. While English-speaking companies do have some leeway when it comes to being understood worldwide, others are often not so lucky.

For example, German companies do have to translate their website and documents into Chinese if they want to sell their products in China – this rule applies to any two languages that are too far apart. A good translation is often what separates your company from a market that you are trying to break through to.

Opening doors for partners and investors

Getting other companies and investors to take a look at your company is always a matter of meeting them halfway. What better way to do so than by introducing localized documents, product lineups and presentations of your brand and services?

Investing into translation might seem like a premature move if your company is new on the market. Using outsourced help from sites such as Pick Writers - translation reviews can help you amend for the lack of dedicated translators in your company if you hire some fulltime writers later.

More clients and revenue streams

No matter what niche your company operates in, translation can only benefit you when new clients and customers are concerned. People like being treated as individuals and being respected for their nationality and culture.

There is no easier way to do so than by introducing translated products and service descriptions depending on the market you are pushing towards. This will effectively open new revenue streams for your company and bring huge RoI rates since translation doesn’t cost as much as you might think. Do your brand a favor and translate your products and website for the sake of attracting new customers willing to give you their money.

Testimonials and recognition

Having access to different nationalities and beliefs means that you can pick and choose which customers you will feature on your official testimonials. This is a great way to include people of varying languages and cultures into your marketing.

Pushing for inclusion and equality is a great way to communicate the open nature of your business towards new ideas and clients. Your brand will be recognized as one that wants to work with everyone that shares that mindset, not just a small set of companies and partners.

A global inclusion

The more languages your brand and products are present in, the more people will want to work with you. Plan which countries you’d like to see your company present in and invest into those languages as soon as possible. Finding local partners and investors is a great way to become predominant on a new market, even though you are only starting to dip your toes in international waters.

The more flexible you are with your translation and localization, the more positive your image in the public eye will be. Don’t waste the opportunity to earn revenue and build your company just because the initial translation costs may not be as small as you’d expect. They are a small price to pay for what you gain in return.